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June 28 2017

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ha, der österreichische Journalismus hat auch noch die eine oder andere Spitze parat :D
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tourist death trap
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aljazeera.com: The Yemeni-American Muslim Udayni family gather around for a large Eid breakfast, made up of traditional Yemeni dishes, to celebrate Eid al-Fitr holiday in Brooklyn, New York.

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PSA did you guys know there’s an equivalent to the word “phallic” ?? 

Yonic: resembling of vulva/labia/vagina 

Yonic, from from sanskrit word Yoni 

flowers are yonic, fruit is yonic, i’m so excited that this word exists i literally have only ever heard the word “phallic” until now. YONIC!!

Signal boosting not least because now you have new insight to what people mean when they describe Lovecraft’s terror of yonic voids. 

yonic the hedgehog

aaaaand it’s dead now

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WATCH: Charlie Hunnam On James Bond RumorsWATCH: Charlie Hunnam On James Bond RumorsWATCH: Charlie Hunnam On James Bond RumorsWATCH: Charlie Hunnam On James Bond RumorsWATCH: Charlie Hunnam On James Bond Rumors
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